Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?

The internet at the JC is restricted.  They have blocked Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Pinterest, Netflix, Hulu, and IMDB.  They discourage us from using Skype and sending photos home through email because it slows the internet.  Luckily, there is a Facebook proxy site (fake Facebook) that we use to get our Facebook fix, or else we'd all be socially damaged by this semester.  But I digress.

The point of all that is to illustrate the limitations on our internet and further highlight the value of unrestricted wifi.  Fortunately, the JC is a mere ten minute walk away from Hebrew University, where there is high speed internet available for free.  Unfortunately, campus is completely closed and shut down Friday afternoon through Saturday evening for Jewish Shabbot.  Even more unfortunate, this was something I didn't discover until Friday afternoon.  After wandering from closed gate to closed gate.  And being rejected by two security guards to be let onto campus.

"Guys, wait... nope, it's gone.
Let's keep going."
But my friends Rachel and David, who were accompanying me, were persistent, and we kept circling around the Hebrew U outer fence.  David held out my iPad and stopped anytime it picked up an internet signal.  Most of them were dead ends, but we had a really good time stopping and starting in the name of decent wifi.  

Finally, we hit gold.  Ironically, it was about one hundred yards away from the start of our circle.  More was the irony when my battery died shortly after loading the new One Direction music video and I ended up taking a nap while David and Rachel uploaded pictures to Facebook.  The signal only worked in certain spots and was better depending on where the user was standing in relation to the stationary computer.

Super fun times.  We thought about sneaking onto campus under a parking lot gate, but that seemed to be a violation of JC rule #3... don't do anything stupid.  And by "we," I mean me.  Thank goodness I have friends who are smarter than I am.

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