Friday, February 8, 2013

My Alter Ego

Remember that sweatshirt I bought on impulse?  Well the buying process was so short, I never actually checked the size or tried it on.  Turns out it's two sizes too big.  Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE it, but I do endure a fair amount of gentle(ish) teasing from my friends about how the 90s wants the sweatshirt back.

Keep that in mind as I explain my latest dumb purchase. I passed a stand of glasses and sunglasses and tried on a pair of big fake glasses (as a joke, of course) and fell in love. Again, I HAD to have them. They were 20 NIS ($5).  As a penny pincher, that seemed high and probably negotiable.

I girded my loins, reviewed my bartering experiences, went in to talk to the shopkeeper... and promptly forgot everything.  I'm sure I looked like a goldfish and sounded like a dumb American.

How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
You wouldn't know, it's kind of an obscure number.
Me: "How much for these?"
Shopkeeper: "20 shekels."
Me: "Uhh... well... mmm..."
Shopkeeper: "You want a discount?"
Me: "Yes."
Shopkeeper: "15 skekels."
Me: "Sold!"

This story doesn't end there.  I was wearing The Sweatshirt over my regular shirt that afternoon.  Paired with the glasses, I morphed into a hipster, just shy of an androgynous haircut and Instragram account.

We decided my new hipster identity is deserving of a hipster name.  Something old fashioned, classic, and rare.  Thus, Hipster Katherine was born.  She appreciates the underground music scene (a lot of really deep and thought provoking artists that you probably haven't heard of), shops at Anthropologie and Salvation Army, is cultured by French new wave cinema, and rides a fixed-brake bike to conserve energy and save the environment.

Ironic sweatshirt + hipster glasses + collared shirt = Hipster Katherine

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