Saturday, March 2, 2013

Taylor Swift, In the Making

Last night I crossed #2 off the list- perform live. I figured the JC would be the best place to do this- a captive audience that loves me enough to not make fun of me if I sing terribly. When I saw the sign up sheet for the talent show, I didn't even think about it. I avoid talent shows because compliments make me uncomfortable (I did great? You did great. At being an audience- you clapped in all the right places!), and talent shows are always followed by obligatory compliments that may or may not be sincere.

Nevertheless, my last waking thought the night before auditions was of the song "How Can I Be." More specifically, that it would be a good fit for the talent show. And so I adapted this song for guitar and strummed my little heart out onstage. I know, I know, I'm basically a rockstar. No autographs, please. But you can watch my performance (free of charge, you're very welcome):

I was so nervous, I wrote the lyrics on my wrist... Just in case.  But then I got so wrapped up in checking the lyrics that I forgot the chord progression.  I thought about writing that on my wrist too, but I was running out of legible space.  Bonus points to whoever can figure out where I forgot the words and thanked the heavens above for my paranoid foresight.  All in all, an accomplishment.


  1. That was sososo good! You are AWESOME!!!!!

  2. I like you. :P Also, you did amazingly! Marina and I both think so. And you should write things on your wrists more often. Even if they make no sense.

  3. So lovely. Who knew? More, more, more. The watch looks great ;)