Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentimes are the Best Times!

So turns out Valentines is kind of a big deal here.  Not necessarily in the city (although I did pass several stores that were decorated to the nines), but definitely in the Center.  It was like I was in elementary school again, and I loved it.  I cut out hearts, made crappy decorations, shared date stories, ate entirely too much chocolate, and danced it all off at our in-center dance party.

My favorite part about the day was the chance to write a cheesy pick up line on a note for each of my classmates.  In turn, I got my own share of paper hearts, corny pick up lines, and sappy declarations of love.  I even got a note written in Hebrew.  Of course I don't know what it says, but it was folded in the shape of a heart, so that can only mean good things, right?

So Happy Valentines Day to each of you, and just know that if I had a star for each time I thought of you, I'd have the whole night sky in my hands.

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