Saturday, April 13, 2013

Quick Rundown

Things that happened this week:
  • I entered into a competition with a classmate to see who could win the most Freecell games in thirty minutes.  I won, completing ten games to his six.  I have seriously mixed feelings about that victory.
  • I visited a ma made pond full of teeny tiny fish that eat dead skin off your feet.  I didn't believe they were actually there until I stopped treading water and felt them nip at my toes.  Within minutes, they were swarming me, and I was filled with visions of teeny fish overwhelming me and dragging my body below the water to be lost forever.  I was biting down on my towel to keep from screaming, that's how terrifying the experience was.  I wish I had a picture, or the words to describe how simultaneously gross and fascinating was the sensation (in the words of my sisters, "groscinating").  I can only describe the sensation in two ways: as if my feet were full of pop rocks, or as if my feet were experiencing intense pins and needles.  On the bright side, my feet are nice and smooth now.
  • A couple of days before we left Galilee, another American tour group showed up.  That was weird. Seeing other white college kids in OUR Israeli resort during OUR semester abroad?  Who do they think they are? We hung out a little bit, but mostly avoided each other.  I don't remember how to socialize, which does not bode well for my imminent entrance into the BYU social sphere.
  • I rediscovered YouTube and have spent quite a bit of time in our little bungalow, frantically downloading as much American music as I can.  
All things considered, I'm happy as a clam.

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