Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

I come from a long line of sheltered, indoorsy people.  My heritage is predominantly European (with that one Native American princess thrown in there about 58 generations back), and as such, I have a very fair complexion.  That's a nice way of saying I have translucent, white as a sheet, makes me look like I have perpetual meth eyes skin.

This is something I've understood and embraced for quite some time now.  Aaaand yet... every summer I convince myself I'm immune to the sun.  This year will be different.  This year I'll rotate regularly and not burn.  Yeah, well this year I'll win the lottery and move to Cancun.  I always roast, regret my decisions, and spend the rest of the summer safely cocooned in SPF 50 sunblock

Well I'm not one to break tradition.  My first day on the beach I applied sunscreen to my face and figured I was good.  I briefly wiped off my hands onto my upper thighs and settled into a beach chair for a long afternoon of sun and sand.  At about four I started feeling a little crisp.  At five, the burn started setting in.  My face was fine.  My chest was mighty burnt.  But the best burn of all was my legs...

Like I mentioned previously, after I was done applying sunblock to my face, there was just a weensy wooney bit left on my hands, which I rubbed off onto my legs.

Four hours later, guess how my legs look?

 That white splotchy shiz is where I rubbed my hands on my legs... unburnt skin.  I honestly thought I had a rash for about forty five minutes.  Then I realized I'm just going to have the stupidest tan line in the world.  Story of my life.

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